Enhance your organization's capabilities and achieve competitive advantage by developing the culture of creators, leaders and achievers

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How does the program work?

Foundation Intensive

Create • Lead • Achieve is unlike any other program available.

It begins with a 2-day workshop called, "Foundation Intensive" that lays the groundwork for the program - the same cutting-edge approach developed for executives and managers of the largest computer, mobile phone and consumer electronics company in the world, headquartered in Cupertino, California. Day-1 covers CREATE, while Day-2 covers LEAD and ACHIEVE.

Duration:      1-Day

Location:      Onsite or offsite

Who:       C-Level, Senior Executives, Directors and Managers

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We start Day-1 with CREATE, because what is current today will be replaced by something else tomorrow, and leaders must have the superior ability to consistently produce effective ideas and solutions as required.

By utilizing proven processes developed at the largest company in the world, the program becomes the catalyst that helps enhance creative skills within your organization. This provides your managers and executives with the ability to consistently think outside the box.

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Day-1's CREATE session helps transform your team into an idea factory.

Day 1 Topics Include:

  • Why creative thinking and innovation is necessary for future organizational success
  • The strategic link between leadership and high performance creative thinking
  • The process for fostering creative thinking in yourself and others
  • Transforming your team into an idea factory
  • Generic simulation exercises to help you learn a framework you can apply at work
  • The steps needed to promote the environment for innovation and creative thinking
  • How to instill a creative and innovative culture despite the current environment
  • Actions for applying these methods within your organization

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Day-2 is designed to provide the program participants with the processes and powerful tools that help to eliminate unhelpful practices, while enabling new awareness and enhanced behaviors.

Day 2 Topics Include:

  • To Lead, You Must First Lead Yourself
  • Becoming the Best Version of Yourself
  • Mind of a True Leader
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Going Beyond Fear
  • Reframing Setbacks and Cultivating the State of Infinite Possibilities
  • How to Calibrate Yourself for Meta-Performance First Thing in the Morning
  • Values of True Leader
  • Cultivating the Culture of Creators Leaders and Achievers
  • Building an Unstoppable Team
  • The Science Behind Decisions and Choices
  • Managing Chaos and Challenging Situations
  • The Battle Tested Strategies
  • Leading Through Service

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What happens next?


After the 2-day Foundation Intensive program is completed, the IMPLEMENTATION program kicks into action. This is designed to instill the culture of Creators, Leaders and Achievers, and to reinforce lasting results.

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This is where Create • Lead • Achieve dominates other programs, as it genuinely brings about deep, lasting changes in skills, outlook and behavior.

Depending on your organization's size, culture and complexity, specific implementation processes are developed. These could be anything from a quarterly workshop and live interactive webinars to a comprehensive, customized program for enhancement of learning and development within your organization.

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Each workshop or webinar in the IMPLEMENTATION series is specifically designed and developed for your organization's area of focus, and has a powerful impact on the managers and executives who attend.

The program provides a unique learning experience for attendees, who come together to learn and practice in order to enhance the capabilities of your organization at an accelerated pace.

The IMPLEMENTATION program includes simulation exercises and group coaching, along with a variety of powerful and proven tools. This helps to ensure that your executives have the impactful expertise and leadership skills needed by your organization in order to navigate today's rapidly changing environment.

Some of the topics covered in the IMPLEMENTATION phase include:

  • Transform Your Team into an Idea Factory
  • Building an Unstoppable Team
  • Leading Through Service
  • Strategic Thinking and Agility
  • Tactics of Ancient Warriors
  • The Art of Influence
  • Anticipating, Preparing and Adapting to Change
  • Most Effective Decision Models
  • Modern and Ancient Intelligence Tactics
  • Staying Ahead of Threat
  • 360 Degree Awareness
  • Evolving your innovation culture
  • ..........and much more.

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Reinforcement Program

In addition to the IMPLEMENTATION program outlined above, various REINFORCEMENT workshops and live webinars will follow at specific intervals to reinforce lasting results.


Creative Thinking

Transform your team into
an idea factory

Building a Powerful Team

Building a powerful team of One
for All, and All for One

Strategic Navigation

Winning the battle without ever engaging in combat

Preparing for Change

You cannot step into the
same river twice

The Power of Values

The collective culture of
your organization

Focus & Effectiveness

Achieving greater intensity
and effectiveness

Victorious Outlook

The state of infinite

Stillness in Motion

Managing chaos and
challenging situations


Rituals toward a culture of
health and performance

Purpose & Intention

The roar of ancient warriors


The power behind relentlessness

The Secret to Longevity

The secret to long term
organizational success

Craft of Intelligence

Developing an intelligence

The Art of Influence

Managing Behavior