Enhance your organization's capabilities and achieve competitive advantage by developing the culture of creators, leaders and achievers

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What is this program about?


The Battle-Tested Executive Program Developed at the largest company in the world, offers your organization the ability to:

  • Develop highly effective inspirational leaders
  • Sharpen focus and life-changing capabilities
  • Develop winners and achievers that can meet all challenges
  • Transform your workforce into an idea factory
  • Build an unstoppable team
  • Launch a never-ending process of growth and success

CREATE • LEAD • ACHIEVE is a one-of-a-kind professional development program that is designed to develop executives and managers within your organization who can consistently Create, Lead and Achieve.

History shows that there were many individuals who were known as creators, leaders or achievers. But there are some individuals who have all 3 attributes - including notables like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Mohammad Ali, Sir Edmund Hillary, Martin Luther King and Sun Tzu.

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Our unique program uses various methods to develop and enhance all three attributes in executives and managers at your organization.

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How will it help my organization?

It’s critically important to develop Creators, Leaders and Achievers, because they will have a significant and powerful impact on every department, as well as your bottom line.

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The future belongs to those organizations whose people can consistently create, lead and achieve.

The program utilizes the same methodologies used by great creators, leaders and achievers throughout history. It draws from a variety of sources, including the lives of history’s great creators, leaders and achievers, including scientists, inventors, explorers, philosophers, artists, musicians and athletes. It also incorporates the practical and unique methodologies that were employed by the ancient warrior wisdom traditions, and includes engaging examples of great men and women who were able to overcome the most difficult challenges imaginable.

In addition to proven success at the largest computer, mobile phone and consumer electronics company in the world, this program’s methodologies are validated by the latest research findings in neuroscience, neurophysiology and evolutionary psychology. It offers vast benefits and will positively impact every aspect of the work/life space.

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